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Our story starts way back,

In 1987 women of Japan and Asia founded the Women’s Federation for Peace in Asia. Their aim was to find solutions to dilemmas in the human mind and to contribute towards creating peace in that continent. In 1992, the organization expanded to the point of launching a worldwide women’s peace movement. In April of 1992 representatives from over 72 countries met at the Chamsil Olympic Stadium in Seoul, Korea to officially launch the globally based “Women’s Federation for World Peace”.


World News

In 1993, in order to overcome the long years of re-sentment between the Japanese and the Koreans, WFWP initiated the Japan-Korea sisterhood ceremo-ny. 160,000 couples of Japanese and Korean sisters pledged to work together and promote sisterly love so as to liquidate the dark sorrowful history of past rela-tionships between the two countries. The success of the Japan-Korea sisterhood program inspired similar sisterhood ceremonies between Japa-nese and American women.

Main Objective​

To enhance peace and “True Love”

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